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Book VI, Canto V

July 19, 2011

This savage man also must have noble blood, because he is more or less a sweetheart. When Calepine doesn’t return he goes out looking for him, but can’t find him anywhere. Serena throws herself down for grief and starts her wounds bleeding again. The wildman takes care of her until she decides to leave. He comes along, wearing all of Calepine’s arms except his sword (which Spenser tells us Calepine had hidden).

This odd couple by chance meets none other than Arthur and Timias on the road! Last time we saw them together Timias was a crazy old hermit! Well, after Belphoebe took him back he made some enemies. Three of them were named Despetto, Decetto, and Defetto. They plotted against him and sent the Blatant Beast to pull him away from Belphoebe. Their trick worked and Timias pursued the monster through the woods, despite having been bitten. But the monster led them straight into an ambush by the three. One versus three wasn’t working out well for Timias, but luckily Arthur showed up to save him! And thus they came to be in the same wood as the lady and the savage man.

After a scuffle with the savage Serena explains the situation, that the savage is kind but simple and mute. Since Timias is also wounded by the Beast, they ride together to find treatment. During the trip Serena relates the incident of wicked Sir Turpine, and Arthur vows to avenger her.

They come to a little hermitage. The hermit is a good man and an ex-knight. They spend the knight, with Timias and Serena growing worse from their festering wounds. In the morning Arthur leaves.


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