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Book VI, Canto III

July 18, 2011

The castle belongs to the wounded knight’s father. His name is Aldus and his son’s name is Aladine. He is (understandably) upset at his son’s condition, but entertains Calidore and the lady Priscilla with great courtesy. We learn that Priscilla’s father is of higher rank than than Aladine and disapproved of his daughter’s relationship. That is why they were meeting in the woods when the unfortunately incident of the previous canto happened. Poor Priscilla weeps over Aladine all night, and in the morning he is much improved. When Caladore visits him he asks that he escort Priscilla home. On the way to her father’s house, they find the corpse of the previous canto’s antagonist, and he cuts off the head to show to Priscilla’s father.

As Calidore is leaving, he passes a knight and his lady resting in the shade. He apologizes for interrupting them, but makes himself so pleasant that they ask him to sit down with them. The knight is Calepine and his lady’s name is Serena. Serena wanders in the field nearby, picking flowers, until suddenly out of the forest bursts the Blatant Beast! He snatches her up and runs off. Calidore and Calepine are after him immediately. Calidore overtakes the beast and causes him to drop Serena, then they are out of the story for a bit.

Serena is badly wounded when Calepine reaches her. Her sets her on his horse and they travel until evening, when they come to a ford they must cross. At the ford they encounter another knight and yet another lady. This knight is a jerk, he offers no help (though his lady tries to) and mocks Calepine as he crosses the ford on foot, leading his horse. Calepine challenges him once he reaches the other side, but is dismissed. The knight and lady ride off to the same castle Calepine was heading towards.

When he gets to the castle, the porter refuses him entrance. The lord of the castle is Turpine, the same jerk from the ford. His lady Blandina tries to get him to change his mind about offering the wounded woman shelter, but he will not let them in. Calepine and Serena sleep in the field.

The next morning, after leaving the grounds, Calepine sees Sir Turpine coming after him. There’s a weird cat and mouse game, with the mounted Turpine chasing Calepine around even though Serena begs him to stop. Calepine uses the wounded lady as his shield but gets stabbed by Turpine’s spear regardless.


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