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Book V, Canto XII

July 16, 2011

They find a ship and cross the sea. On the other shore is a horde of soldiers, but Talus flails his way through them and they disembark. As they approach the town, Grantorto sends more forces to stop them, but again Talus prevails. Arthegall halts the slaughter and calls for a truce. He offers to fight Grantorto in single combat for the deliverance of Irena.

Poor Irena has no idea anyone is coming for her, and wakes up with dread on the tenth day. When she arrives at the battle-place she is greatly encouraged to see that Arthegall has come. The giant Grantorto also comes, arrayed in mail and holding a big axe. Their combat only lasts a few stanzas – Grantorto’s axe gets stuck in Arthegall’s shield (which he is quick to toss away, despite his advice to Bourbon in the previous canto), and then Arthegall’s sword Chrysaor finds his head, knocking him down. And that’s the end of Grantorto.

Irena is honored as the true Princess, and Arthegall and Talus punish everyone who plotted against her. He stays to meet out justice, but soon the Faerie court calls Arthegall away. He leaves Irena in the middle of sorting out her realm’s problems.

On the way home he runs into two terrible hags. One is Envy and the other her loudmouth buddy Detraction. They are described as vile women, Envy gnawing on a still-living snake. They also have a monster known as the Blatant Beast. They rail on Arthegall incessantly. Envy throws her snake and it bites him. The Blatan Beast barks and howls at him. Arthegall forbids Talus from interfering, but simply ignores the hags. They proceed on to the Faerie court.


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