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Book V, Canto VI

July 15, 2011

Britomart hasn’t forgotten her man. She is driving herself nuts imagining all the things that could have happened to him, not the least of which that he could have fallen in love with someone else. One day, long after Arthegall was due to come home, Talus appeared and told Britomart the bad news.

At first she’s angry. But eventually she reasons with herself, and since she’s awesome, rides with Talus out to save Arthegall. Her hero’s journey is interrupted by a knight. He tries to chat with her, and finding little success at that, invites her to stay the night at his castle. She and Talus accept but since neither of them are willing to risk sleeping it seems a huge waste of time.

In the middle of the night the floor of Britomart’s room opens up and her bed falls down through the trapdoor. Then a bunch of armed men show up and she and Talus have to kill them all. You might be thinking that this is all simply random¬†villainy, but actually the master of this house is named Dolon and he is after Arthegall for previously killing his son Guizor. He thinks Britomart is Arthegall because she’s traveling with Talus.

The next day they search the castle for Dolon, but he and his other sons have fled. It’s not long before Britomart encounters the sons – on the very same bridge that Arthegall recently won. As usual, she easily disposes of them.



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