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Book IV, Canto X

June 18, 2011

Here is the tale of Scudamour:

He had heard of the Cupid shield* and determined to go on an adventure to win it. His journey took him to an island housing a temple of Venus. He crossed the initial bridge and fought 20 knights to win the shield. The inscription beneath the shield said “Whose euer be the shield, faire Amoret be his.” He entered the castle gate, successfully evading two-faced Doubt and heckling Delay. At the next gate he passed the giant Danger, and so came into a beautiful garden full of couples in love and best friends.

At the end of the garden was the temple of Venus, guarded by Concord and her sons Hate and Love. Concord is also the mother of the twins Peace and Friendship. Spenser describes the temple thoroughly. It had lots of pillars, lots of incense braziers, lots of women, and a statue of the goddess made of a mysterious precious material.

Scudamour saw Amoret surrounded by personifications of womanly virtues. He knew that she was the one that he had won along with his Cupid shield. Taking her hand, he led her out from the temple with the goddess’s approval, though Amoret seemed a bit unwilling.

* see his first appearance in III.XI

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