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Book IV, Canto VII

June 17, 2011

Before the events of Canto VI, Amoret was kidnapped one day while Britomart slept. She was abducted by a hairy giant of lust. He carried her off to a cave and threw her in a dungeon. There were two other women there, one young lady and one old hag. The young one, Aemylia, told Amoret her life story – how she was the daughter of a Lord, until she made plans to run off with a lowly squire and got captured by the hairy man. The hairy man periodically shows up to rape and then eat his captives, but the old woman helped her out by offering herself instead of Aemylia. Aemylia had made it this far but told Amoret that she was sure he would eat one of them on his next visit.

Upon the hairy giant’s return Amoret ran for life. He pursued her through the woods. Belphoebe and Timius (from III.V) happened to be nearby. Timias witnessed the lust giant re-capturing Amoret and came to her aid. He fought the hairy giant, who tried to use Amoret as his shield. The noise attracted Belphoebe to the scene. The lust giant ran away, terrified of her chaste arrows. She chased him and shot him down in his own cave. Belphoebe rescued Aemylia and the old hag. When she returned to Timias, she saw him kissing the fainted Amoret and got really pissed.

Is this the faith she said, and said no more,
But turned her face, and fled away for euermore.
-stanza 36

This caused poor Timias to retreat into the forest and live like a crazy hermit. He stopped cutting his hair and basically stopped eating. After a period of time Prince Arthur comes across his forest hut. He can’t recognize his old squire, but he knows something strange has happened (Timias also had stopped talking), and he can read BELPHOEBE carved into every tree.


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